i wonder if you are known as bill like he was.

you talked about your creator and bill was mine,

& my mum.

i have talked about them before.

i feel that nature was mainly mine, not love nor purpose

as far as i can tell.

you said i listened and so i did, about life and war , power and politics

and i was sad.

sad when you mentioned the first and then the second war. cried inside

when you talked about the bloody bombs on japan.

you suggested our histories william, while i was listening and you shook my hand

on the width of the old stones walls.

where i live.

i understand your faith by bike abroad, and when asked if i believe

in our ressurection and the life to come,

i said no.

i read the bible. past tense.

little folk you said you like, i ask if you mean faeries and find you spoke of the ordinary

as do i.

i knew things would work out while i waited for the bus.

later that day i studied the timetables.