.weekend. work day.

for a while i thought it was monday
after planning the shopping trip in
my head

realised of course is sunday with work
at the mill

i used to take my bike to shop
a wicker basket on the front and
bags to balance

a seat on the back for the little girl

my mother did the same up to winton
the chain guard and a plastic covering
the back wheel saved her clothes from

quite a way there, she would stop for
a cake at the bakers
cream slice or horn

she had a bell of course as did i

as i write that black bran birds cranks
the radio plays choral and sounds like
gwil brings wood

i may hang out the window in a while
to see

mum bought her tea set gently in parts
each week from woolworths and i still have
some of it

some is broke now glued together, fabric
was bought in sturtons, furniture paid for
weekly in the shop on peters hill

i told him about the seed merchant on
that hill, the feel, the differing types of coal
they sold that too

he uses briquettes as do i
i also have logs

my brother worked at the fishmongers
opposite on saturdays. it smelled

of course

our bikes were heavy then and i do
not remember if mum’s had gears
yet am sure it was black and her
coat was green and double buttoned

am full of thought about my visit
and the things that occurred there
in the slate place

where my family reside

the knapweed here is gone over
will be cut october while up the
graveyard behind is still in flower

they will cut it so i suggest that john
takes some for his garden

we both like long leggy plants to
grow to walk through

if it goes on this way we will not
have many members left in our

the bear sighs, turns over
has been quiet quite a while

he asked me if i am calm
i guess i am now

but i do not have a bike that works
like yours

sunday not monday yet
hair needs washing i guess