some things come better with movement
you can read me else where if you wish &

if you wish i can write in this thread sometimes

if you don’t find me horrid which you
indicate you don’t

it was good on the forum a while reading
writing and using suggestions given

it is the personal comments on my nature
that i find hard to take when they don’t know

when i feel so much about all things

it is a warm quiet morning sleep dust crumbling
into tea cups with noises from next door

i shall have a nice day at home today

making amends making patterns or proses

i never fight no more
not for myself
i will fight for others

i just walk away and leave the trolling behind

that is enough on that
that is how it is now

so anyhow this cool guys buys socks at mill
and flashes his hand over the card machine to pay

so so cool. a smart ring.

he told me some folks have the smart thing implanted, he said
you know like they do to dogs.

i thought that dogs do not really need a smart card, yet
i knew what he meant.

like when the lady phoned in to asked it she may carry her
dog in the store
& i imagined an alsation, yet
i knew what she meant.

gentle, soft, music morning.
sun on the tree bark. wild buds


somewhere in wales