as children if we heard the train would kick up and run like hell through the woods to the fence to laugh and wave.

these days some folk are not trained; do not wave at all nor smile back.

here we have the festiniog railway, narrow guage chugging along the way through the woods to the sea.

sometimes they run the gravity train like they used to, but no public allowed. it looks a scary ride.

i met a friend in bala yesterday and the day was good to us. he climbed the stairs to the studio and surprised me.

we went to see hefn in the antique shop who told us memories of the village drowning for the reservoir up the road and the going of the railway line across the moor.

many lines were lost at that time, through cuts to services the government deemed useful.

the name Beeching still leaves us emotional even small boys who do not remember yet have learned of it.

small boys who excell in music and word patterning.

so i am proud of acheivments made, despite diffiulties.

your trains sound exciting, i should like to stand and inhale the noise and feel the excitement and terror in my chest.

drums do that too.

i best get on with the day. the bulb went in the safety light and i slept deeper for that.

as for the double decker. I too have written of that.