.to paint of rain.

Here trikes are children’s 3 wheeled bikes. For me a sweet memory. I had one until it broke…

I do not know about lottery tickets though at work I am in the lottery club. Someone else deals with that.

Last year I won £8 so I bought plants.

The meadow grass here is now higher than the oxe eye daisies, and sorrel turns dark in the wayside. Birds like the seeds. I watch them,

Yesterday I sat among the yellow spike flowers and watched the butterflies and a red kite flew overhead.

I will stay mainly at home today as it is hot and there will be lots of folks about. I see I have a few brambles to cut and areas to clear. As the heat rises, I will be in the studio to paint of rain and other incidents.

I hope your new saddle proves comfortable.

Yes, I wonder about the world, whilst wondering at the world.

My friend  died, fell out of bed and died. I like her, a gentle soul, never real well.

Enjoy your day . It is hot and still. I hear the lorries on the road. Mansel Davies.