.things took a turn.

it is said that a relative married
a gipsy lady who lived at
redhill common in a tent

it is said she had two thumbs on each hand
like anne boleyn i think . too

that is why long sleeves were fashion then
to hide things

i think now we say romany

in kinson the jeffs lived round the corner

the men were lovely and i loved them
the ladies sold flowers, went to the square
by bus
and stayed all day
unless sold out early

it was nice to find
all their photos
on social media

as it was all a long
time ago

even then
things had started

we played with the gipsy folk
up on turbary common & julian
went with them when
they left their camp at
the brickworks

the police brought him back
they felt they knew best

they did not know the half of it

things took a turn
at the studio yesterday
left me tired

it is a different day today
with other plans

hows the job going?
how are your legs now?

6.55 am