.the visit .

life comes in many stages

we are more than what happened

some people stay home a lot nothing wrong with that & curtains drawn

had been home some time perhaps twenty six years when she persuaded me to go with the promise of a clean dress and ragged towel to hide in

the journey was fine in the bag with the elo wishing they were a wild west hero

unveiling was painful a challenge to follow such a handsome wholesome chap

before me

the comments came with nothing nasty yet my discomfort & embarassment rose as always

my body lagged sagged

my spirit broke

even so i may have inspired as i did those years ago

an old coat refigured with buttons and gatherings until i am become

to be

put on sale without the podium

teeth unchecked as i had none


i thought it was abolished

she bought me

the child herself

yet no one owns no one

returned home


curtains drawn

later i heard that karl lagerfeld had died

curtains drawn

no one owns no one