.the statement.

the movie, the film
was visually very pleasing

enjoyed the fabrics and overtones

undertones sent my mind

why the heirarchy, the differences
the unfareness of it all

she said she liked to see the men
dancing as did i, yet not the kissing

i felt it good to see him happy

the raid is a disgrace to our history

she also said it is all romanticised
not like in reality and there i agree

things move on and of course
the film is just a story for our


gave me thoughts of the past
and how things are now

the reality

i hope to see the space film
i like things like that too

there was a police chase after the bus
i was on and a person arrested

i was awhile at the police station
making a statement
getting the words write

without my birth date, gender and ethnicity

i hope things change so that kissing
is fine and dandy
to everyone