.the laundry verse.

i have no landlord
i have neighbours
my granny pussycat, her real name emily
i remember worked in the sunlight laundry
a while in pokesdown

she was not a granny then

sounds a grand job, making all things clean
making all things tidy & white

i use a laundry, collect the marks & numbers
find stories amongst the linen

you will have routine and wood for the winter
a pleasing thought both here and there

i find the stories i make are often or always
dare i say not true

the apple tree was not felled
it fell

those that came before us
& those that come after

it is a question of time
do we move through or past?

i find i am correcting & editing here
it has come serious to copy & paste later

honest work


misty start
now clearing
preparing for the day