.the escape.

am supposed to write about my great escape

though is not really come about in good

circumstances at all

there has not been nothing like it since that

plague or the bad flu thing after the war


in my lifetime


slowly the world is closing down

we are staying at home


protect us all for all the reasons he said that night

i have been here now eleven days & thats ok with


i work

i walk

i read

i look

& play

i dress down and comfy, i chat a lot to no one

i live on my own nicely

and after all this time i have escaped the pressure

i felt before

from society

my escape came quietly

corona virus

my escape came when i found my tormentor is ill
no longer a terror, no need to be afraid no more

i hate that this is topical

full of cryptic clues

hints are undeniable

i hated that i did not write like others

that it is all


mixed up

& personal

& now

know that it does not matter at all