..the bone..

darker here this morning
or am i awake earlier?
top of the trees are moving
while traffic drives distant

a few lorries pass by here

lately there has been a small
plane each afternoon we
run out to see

how long have you guys lived
on tug hill ?

i found a super bone when
i visited ironworks last month

just laying in the grass while
the swallows swooped low

i kept it in the kitchen to see
lately have moved it to the home
studio here

yes i make installations with
wild bits as you may know
rarely using glue or permanent

i have used screws once and it was satisfactory
yesterday we made a working party & only just

we done good clearing two outbuildings
the skip was full and tidy while i found
treasures to bring home

i like the walk up over the hill
to hear the blood pounding
to know i am still alive

i liked the wood piles by the stile

i will send you a photograph

later i watched politics and
the man down the graveyard

i was tired then
saw a green light
felt dizzy and fell
to sleep

earlier i had read about
the four types of shame

6.24 am
with weather like this