.thankyou for asking.

thank you for asking and the answer

would be quicker if I had cut my nails

to bounce the keyboard here


funny you should ask as i was thinking

over this yesterday while walking




it felt unfair that after all those years

of housekeeping

keeping his house clean

tidy, fitting in with all his

timetables and breathing


not breathing




she had to  go to the home quietly

where she remained quietly


her daughter also went later

and remain quiet


i lived in a home in milton road

milton house, place of nighmare

for us kids


wettened beds

stinking laundry




so I stayed quiet


so thank you so much for asking

and being so thoughtful yet  I tell


you clearly

that I do not want a care situation ever

for all the good it will do, so i won’t stay


quiet now

forgive me


I hope your dad had green in his view


other colours too