we have doubts regarding decisions
then friends remind us

as to

the things that are precious, valuable

and are not the things that our present
culture dictates

there is an insidious voice wheedling
created by the current clime, media


all sorts

and not of liquorice

that will be nice and tasty
turning my teeth black &

a need to check in the mirror

do not eat so many now
on furlough and mainly buying


except the perfume candle, bath oil
and pecan


that people revere gold as you cannot
eat nor breath it

it will not keep you alive
though I know personally
it is useful in wound dressings

and also in teeth
though my fillings

are cheaper stuff


apologies for mentioning those
as I know yours are sensitive just
now and bothering you

i have no edges really
you see, mine is not a
real lawn as in the accepted

I live in the country