..storm dennis..

it is on soundcloud
with ken’s voice and
another and it will
appear in the forum

when it is time. you
see i can copy and paste
here yet it is long and seedy


i feel full of daftness and sentiment
that really won’t do this time of a

some may say i am being bashful
though it is absolutely true that i
only did it as it was homework
set by richard, a good sort. wears
the eu badge you now.

then it amused my head daily to imagine
what was happening and it all got longer

i read that a page is 300 words so i done
that then some more. the next homework
was a second page, so that added more

i am late today as work is cancelled yet
again with the storm and we are being

i think my neighbour has lit the stove
as i can smell it here next door, it feels
companiable, him being there.

we talk about stuff sometimes
out back looking down the estuary.


storm dennis