.start right.

i had summer and winter shoes.

summer brought traditional sandals
white nubuck leather mainly
though sometimes red
never brown

the next year Mum cut the front out

our toes peeped through for playing
for paddling

I dont remember plimsoles really
only that yellow pair for when I went away
and it was then I had lace ups
the only time ever

lately in chester I asked for lace ups
the assistant asked what I meant
so I said

she replied no that she only had shoes
with laces see

in the winter I wore strap shoes
always red
double strap
a treat

mum said in the war she would walk
with the boys up in the pram to look
for somewhere with shoes for sale

sometimes she bought them little leather
boots to wear with the knitted suits

that had to be washed carefully

i still have the photographs
I do not have those brothers
no more

i have the other one
born before me
after the war.