.sound 11.


sound one

sound two

i stand near a figure by water; in water

leaded grey seamed as soldered. we stand together, there is no gender, no one mentions it no more


they did in the tate


gigantic genitalia

liking autumn, our fall & liking travelling

i visit winchester today near an old home no longer home. i fear to return there nightmares reccuring

the flat, the trap

the madness

those days i escaped to the sea, gently floating for hours becoming spongy avoiding the need to return until dark, when turning the key opening the door found chaos screaming


in this crypt i find

all is quiet par the dripping in a quickening rhythm ; a storm outside .

water seeps in drips from my clothes pools the floor

feel the rain pour through me scouring pain and it is better this way

i look across; it is taller than me by a foot with head bowed

stands before me silent

i stand before it silent

two of us

just two of us

some may say one of us

dripping settles

i do not know you

i do not know anyone really

only think i do

you cannot know me

secrets never told not to be told




enough to be here in this place of quiet

water rises to its knees while i move higher


a while to think remember you and you and you

all those that left

everyday some one dies. we do not know them all

i have found solitude and like it; have achieved my solo flight a quiet life

hear a noise in the distance turn and walk away

it looks down into its hands


sound two

sound eleven

three hundred and more