.. resisted ..

etchings are probably finer than carvings, i bet the latter are more country based, as in
rural. wood blocks made from twenty years .
he has done me a service, how to be happy . no need to buy and sell, we can look
and enjoy..
the wax came later, as did the currant slice. neither resisted, the cake one pound
ten pence.
i placed the white paper bag in the village recycling.
so very nice to me today too late, i have resigned. my self,
my work is honest.
i have turned it all upside down, and most of the crumbs are gone, with added blowings.
verb: resist; 3rd person present: resists; past tense: resisted; past participle: resisted; gerund or present participle: resisting

withstand the action or effect of.
“antibodies help us to resist infection”

noun: resist; plural noun: resists

a resistant substance applied as a coating to protect a surface during a process, for example to prevent dye or glaze adhering.
“new lithographic techniques require their own special resists”