.. regarding autumn ..

the kittens will be kept safe? if i lived near
i should have them

i think it sounds like a bounty bar
which we have in two parts

the coconut sticks in the teeth
to suck out later

yes i was a maid back then
worked mornings time off
all afternoon
until it all went wrong

things change
we change with that

dear lord a busy hotel
for you. i cannot imagine

my laundry comes each week
to collect one sheet, one
duvet cover
sometimes one bolster case

brings it back nicely on fridays

you must be steaming

i walked the garden yesterday
the longer grass was cut, bagged
and is out for recycling
sadly i find a grass snake
strimmed and dead

smooth silky to touch

plans for the edges come
into mind
plan to make things manageable
leaving it looking natural

leaves are turning slowly daily

except at the turning

they go first always
and suddenly

this time of year