the day arrives damp in lower case
a few knapweeds have flowers

i walked through them yesterday
to feed the birds. while some may
say overgrown
it felt lovely

i may photograph it later

we went to the gallery
and though i tried hard
my mouth let loose

she noted that i was constructive
and said nothing nasty. it was involuntary

a nice time by bus, my car gears gone

today i walk the old railway track
down to the pub by the toll bridge

which means i will sleep well
after the exercise

i usually sleep well anyhow
leaving the radio on
the window wide

stone walls you mention stone walls
we have them here all over even up
over the mountain

slate ones too utilising slate waste
looking like rows of grey graded teeth

yes the work the labour and who they
used to build

bromnleys boys worked on some here
a pleasure to watch. i add the white crystal stones
in the niches week by week

when i find them

i like moving stones about

i note that i am writing from this perspective
of i/me, what else

the tank man talked to me a while yesterday
about a soiree which should have an accent
over the ā€˜eā€™, said i will have liked it

i put him straight on that one
i like to talk to him. it is refreshing

i like the weathered look come unintentional

i looked out for my friends house too described
as the one with all the plants outside on the pavement

there were four like this
no front gardens so they place the pots so pretty

may be a muddle when i visit

news come from the bbc so it is time
to carry on, lets carry on

Sonja 7.00 am
cat yowling
mist down the valley