.peters hill.

imagine all this in pictures
and get it wrong as I have

no idea really

and find it does not matter

the music came sadly on the film
at dusk and I felt it as I glanced at
the view at the window

i think it was an oboe though not entirely
yet it sure did hit the mark

today I need to write ekphrastic
and have just finished my winter
shopping order

with winter pies and puddings
for december

i remember when only rich folk had
groceries delivered

we walked up to winton and went
shop to shop

those days

liptons, maypole and the home and

and quite a few more
i liked the coal merchant on peters hill
who also sold seed

to run your hands through with permissions


my father was seen up there with the other woman
she limped I was told

my brothers were told not to acknowledge him
I am told