.other stuff.

yes we had marg or dripping
and when there was butter
for a treat there was no jam
on top, nor honeywe had to eat the bread bit before
we got cake
or tinned fruit with carnation
in those days

i bought butter as a friend was visiting
with buns

he watched while i spread it and remarked
that then there were local shops
so i says yes
corner shops

he frowned
and i says
well where i lived
they were mostly
on corners

we ate the buns nicely
with just the right amount
of currants
or are they raisins
in buns?

later the sun was out
and i rakes up the fallen
twigs and stuff and noted
that the council had not
taken the rubbish from
last week

anyhows sometimes
while writing like you
thoughts drift into mind

days in lampeter
where we feel secure

and other stuff

birds already singing
6.20 am