on the other side,talking to james

My thanks to James Stephen for his input on this work. A Poetry Circle conversation..poetry circle.

on the other side
of the path
one yellow flower


early, the crowd came to see the famous arch . laburnum. i came to see the kitchen garden, seeds growing


old words
for things once common
when the things disappeared
the words went with them


some words remain remembered;
scullery, coal scuttle, hod,

that is yellow.


have a vacuum for
most things
broom is for incidentals,
crevices, or when I’m lazy
’bout getting vacuum out

broom is red
with matching dustpan


i have a vacuum
there is nothing there.

the broom is for

the garden

or elsewhere for smelling like coconut


sweep your garden ?


slate bits

came from gloddfa ganol….quarry in blaenau.

front yard. leaves fall.


leaves here falling too
a tree here a tree there
so far
soon it will be
all of them together

a collective shed

next 6 months
nothing but bare branches


these are the falling days.