.nicole delaittre.

nicole de laittre

met by chance/social media

i visited a place not seen before

makes songs & magic

newly born

it is a singular thing

stand entranced

this is a new note

step to another side

i visited a place not been before


“you inspire me. Not to give up on my core in
fits of hasty shame

Ive not forgot the trenches-
I visit for cross purposes
I resist the urge to
anonymously destroy.

You recognize the handiwork
For im not without spiritual support

Others show their hyena faces to me.
Wheres MY hyena face? How can i conjure one to pacify the others? To stop the rounds-

“try the blue paint instead” comes a voice
a heavenly mixture of restraint and play.

I lose myself in the blue and brown paste
Holler at red ceilings
Try on the green when no one is looking.”

nicole de laittre