.message to james.

you ask about the distancing
at present it is our choice

there may be quarantine if we are sick
and rumours of isolation for the vulnerable

maybe lock down

yesterday i went to my employment
yet for my own work i stay at home
no travelling by bus to the
secondary studio

i have what i need here
so will stay on my own

people stand apart
sit at a distance
that made us laugh

a corona is a halo around the sun
and other stars

corona is a chidlhood drink

now it is something else
that affects us all
has already changed our lives

i am fortunate that i have
much that is needed here

i feel for those that don’t

he titled his drawing
and i shared it

i had done some of my own
without a thought

stay well

in splendid isolation
the window wide
birds still sing

while i wash my hands