..matter 3..

mum said it was full of matter

I know it hurt like hell

so she

sat me on the kitchen table and put

a heated bottle to it and

cleaned it with a flannel

later it became more involved

erasing of words

the text

started a time back my friend

groups of us writing illustrating coming together

moving apart in miles

a daily habit

how to explain the heart of this


I just copy and paste the whole thing

they can take it or leave it

i do find that much does not matter now

all that fiddly stuff

all that desiring things when all around us is ready

i wanted to suggest that they do not argue it is nothing : not death nor life threats not fire nor flood

just driving

no one is hurt

back home he made the gate from branches


in the end none of this matters

not the stacking, tidying, worrying

small regrets

second thinking maybe it gives order

with contentment

the numbers you see

are regular

we hold on to dressing according to our wounds

according to rules which are necessary for survival

until we survive

no longer

& let go