..lower case..

it is a smart bike with just a capital for your name
this morning which
bodes with rain & pastural lyrics

i see there is a little rack on back for your shopping


i had a basket on the front for that and later days
the little dog

before she died

i thought of another bike yesterday
walking down the track

it is busy now with the summer here
it never used to be                now it is
very popular to be avoided by
folk like me

who enjoy being solitary

she talked a lot and that is ok
i gave myself breaks and looked about

i do find people interesting yet it is
good to pull back inside later

the i/me

you have bears?

my other self
when things get rattled

i watched a documentary regarding brexit
the bear sighed.

with a full stop after

i have worked with niches before
in aberaeron

now i stay local
or dispay on holiday

your name

with a capital letter as has she

regards to you both
today this lovely day
without a comma there

friday 19 july
news talks of dreadful car crash
america shooting down a drone
birds sing