..low battery..

enamel tops and ice cream, i have both

my ice cream is soft scoop yet not entrely
easy as advertised

you know that i am leaving here
and you are the last link

i left one time back , i was persuaded
to return

it is no good
i do not like things

yes bala is my studio too
my luxury

i could make do with the one
at home, yet both work well
in their own ways

your day sounds grand
i hope the macaroni cheese
tasted good

i had the last of the vegetable curry and banana bread
made from the things in the veg box so far nothing
is wasted

only a peach gone rotten at full price now in the

i have three bananas left to eat

give my best regards to her
and to know i am nothing

just ramblings and rhetoric
recollections on retro furniture

and the state of play
each day

so enjoy this day
each day

low battery
nothing moving much