.leaving heysham.

leaving heysham

looking for a legacy i find nothing

no words no comfortable leavings

parting on the wrong side can be painful /

some hide secrets


pound discount on the lorry

explorers do not really need fancy notebooks

goods wrapped mainly in plastic the invention must have seemed a good idea

the sun came &

shadows lasted only a short time

it was quite a shock that there are no boxes left

only those of a different size

quite a shock your anger that leapt from nowhere

of course it does not matter
yet with that and the moon how can one sleep

how can one pack and tidy when things are the wrong shape and emotions rise

do me a favour and know it was a favour looking for boxes

foundation for these days
hard work won
there is another way with privacy and organisation
leave things simple leave things be a while
oversight and overland travel

i was asked a couple of weeks ago if i looked out for the lorries would i describe
no not any more
yet the bridge is small and narrow seems room for two to pass

i took the other road wondering why the block saw the burned ground
fuller cloud
looked down on the tower
went home alone

i am short without magnification
with electrical notes & other insignificant items
did i tell the story of my life
i asked before
i cannot say