..jones of ffestiniog..

nice that josie came home

that your braces are right

and hoping they are strong

enough against gravity

apologies in that i had hoped

to visit again yesterday yet

the day slowed and failed


our news came and carried on all day

we watched the weather change and

saw a hint of blue from the window


i am assuming you and nancy work

at the same place?

if so convenient for travelling

to and fro

softer light this morning

less glare and while the radio


i plan a trip to the bala studio

today. am stuck here/ an impasse

so i will move and see what comes

i too like mothths an spell it so

a sound of silk and softness

sound of thththths wingthths

the knapweed is real gone over

now yet still retain a beauty so

will remain

ah the news again each twenty minutes

in the hour and uk is no longer measles


a shame

a worry

i have no experience yet

am sure it is a really difficult


we must look after ourselves

some how

i hear greta is landed

for now James


6.42 am

music from the mission

lorries on the road

jones of ffestiniog