yes we have our daily habits
our daily likes
that make life pleasant
your bikes, my broken pots

our separate adventures

i feel for the beautiful moments
that pass not recorded here

the gardens unseen
yet ever there

yesterday i went to bunners again
to collect the crocks
garden things that arranged

became a power house again

the realisation of why i admire them

it is all back before with pleasantness
and no hurry at all

it is a different landscape there
bricks come regular
whilst here homes are mainly made of stone

today is pleasant so far, slightly pink
with an unusual comma
in this paragraph

the radio plays a song that brings
on tears regularly
yet i have tea to strengthen me

news comes again that i remain with my
desired nationality a while at least

the bears hopes it will last for him too
he does not say much
just endures

those shadows James.

battery one third
yesterday’s issues
mostly forgotten