.ground coffee.

your words on coffee rattle my buds while drinking tea. mine later

today brings a dryer aspect, it rained most of yesterday that light refreshing stuff

i looked at the nest and they were staying inside

the day had an odd energy & i felt strung out by evening

listened to music & watched the rain

calls came and visits are cancelled today

so later here than regular, deciding things will change

i too will have like to live more remote

i will try secluded


i see the full moon is coming & all will be prepared

to hide or live face on

did he burn the book due to his beliefs do you think
or simply a nasty bloke

do you know that word?


i wonder it’s origins & whether it paints a picture of me
my upbringing
my culture

so we carry on
we carry on

this has been a daily thing
a pattern

all things change with time

enjoy this day
7.19 am
pink light