this house is straight on earth too
the surveyor said those years back

with slate floors or quarry tiles

except the one room
where the cellar lies beneath

that has wide wooden boards
rarely seen

once the basement stayed
fairly dry
yet recently one notices more

hash tag
global warming

to make the dehumidifier useful

we spent hours tidying and cleaning
find it was worth it until barefooted

we slipped on the stone steps so
had a bath and went to bed early

i talked to her her about the days we had
before refrigerators. the cold shelf she
called the thrall

meat safes and cheese that lasted

the brown bonnet she wore and me
locking granny in the walk in larder

how she laughed then

my granny

today I wake to pouring rain and know
that I shall not cut the grass today after


it is three quarters of an acre