.foxy noses.

hope work was good
lots of washing done
and clean

does it get steamy?

remember the days
at milton house, the
laundry lady grumbling
showing me stains that
i did not wish to see

remember the other days
her stripping the childrens’
beds, a large dormitory
sheets mostly wet

as you can tell my day
was well
much talk of foxes and
learned sadly that the
neighbour the other side
of the village hunts them
with dogs

the hounds are handsome
yet he said they stink, i wondered
why he did not bathe them

and thought that hunting innocent
things was banned. i am told it is so,
that the dogs held back, the gun is


i like foxes
i like their little noses

the light in their eyes as they
ran in the field yesterday

he said the dogs are let loose
when fox is laying dead

i came home sadly
eyes mostly wet