.dust up.

it is bank holiday here

i am hiding

i am later

planned in advance

yet come with guilt my

justification is that the

work has been lengthy

the learning

with no real end result

sometimes a dust up

clears the decks and

all settles back nicely

with a new bravado

new understandings come

and once again once again

we learn

i find it quite hard

to unlearn

yet we must we must

for some lessons were not true

our mothers maybe were wrong

or misguided

they were a different tribe

you say nice things

i will suck the juice from those phrases

to keep some confidence

she said to identify the things

you dislike

of yourself

one to hundred? i replied

i like that you said

scattering the ashes

claiming our place

is it a big hotel, posh?

i will make a clean bed next

and think of you down in

the laundry room

taken a new meaning here

the metaphor.


gwil already

gone on his


i heard him