i am flattered that even in your tiredness
you write

to me i feel you are younger with your
words and bikes, the flowers

surely not as many years as i have
been here through good, some not


today is my easy one, just to go by bus
with friends added on the way to see
a film again

some chores are never done
ongoing and never a conclusion

you ask what i have been doing
varied things

you know i went to see my brother.
then the visit to chester? now you
know what i am doing today

while i know your project though
not sure what a pressure tank is
maybe to do with a furnace?

sounds powerful as i have no such
things only stoves and storage heaters

i was awake in the night while things
came backward

woke to make a clean bed for the laundry
man comes tomorrow
brings back friday

have a good day