.day 5 and a bit.

dear friend

i justed received your very welcome letter


instead of buttons, i have a pencil note

note that i use a pen


like my drawings may make mistakes

with drawings that is my intention

to see where it takes me, where it

takes the viewer


if no one sees it anyway, never mind

i have never been to grimsby


should like to visit one day

when we are allowed out again

i planned to write this sitting at the table

by the window like a lady in a novel yet

find i am on the floor crouching at the

coffee table

plans fail

the meter man came

& he kept his distance on command beautifully

young lad with red hair


an angry boil on his neck

this morning i woke to birdsong

opened the window wide to listen

to them rather than the radio

pleasant days despite the underlying anxiety

over family health & wellbeing

most of my erasers are filthy as i use chunks

of charcoal


draw back in with the rubber

i do wash them in the machine sometimes you know

as i write i notice more dust over there to be swept

aside later

i glory in four first class stamps left so this will fly

quickly if i post it soon

yes, leaving things alone a while works for me

on my return i may see things more clearly


a way to proceed.