.day 49.

..day 49..

my walk yesterday was rained upon
so hood up head down we saw the stones
sheltered under gorse
noted the sky changing

were the markers always there
left by some other

i had this angelic person on paper
down the studio
that was so precise and quite particular

a long winded affair
with prehistoric music
and crouching from
the weather outside

prepared to mess her up
yet all i achieved was an
extra pair of sleeves really


i hope to revert to an earlier
idea of smudge and carbonate


you see
there is no control
only that we think we have
which is probably all imagined

i drew in early
as it came the
national thing day
which some of us avoid

not wishing to be controlled
and not thinking it helps

note 1.

being a bad personage
not doing as instructed