..day 48..

..day 48..

i let it in
and confusion

had held it apart and got on with the lockdown
my way. then i spoke to another not full of gusto
nor war time spirit , born more recently

that stuff is junk anyhow
keep grinning while all around is dying.

allowed not to be alright a while so
found that expensive soap he bought that
i kept in memory

took it out off its branded box and bathed
with its glorious smell

the small slither
left over from
the mill

will go to the studio iconic
ironic that i am surrounded
with soap
at this time


this morning the house is perfumed
outside it rains and i get on with the
day once again

i dream my friends struggle and
i cannot help james

yes we must be careful
very careful james

later i fell over the concrete pots
moved into the wet to
benefit the plants

blood and synchronised

plus a big sticking plaster for comfort

stay safe james

(not such a hard bitch)