..day 38..

..it is day 38..

the numbers are not existing no more
just marks on paper and my brain explodes

we remember logarithms, sines and cosines

tables & music notes that melted away into

no understanding

yesterday cleared and we found a place to
read in the greenhouse
i was not prepared
not a good gardener
which means that i am not a good person
for it seems the lockdown law that all must
have plants and make fresh bread

the little house is tidy and painted now
she brought me the chair in secret now
she puts her life out there
on the ambulance so i

sit there and read
worry for her and
all the others for

all the good that worry does

later i drew all neat and precise
like as if that was important or
after hours
i did smudgy
and it much improved my situation

later up the house i found that we danced to the same music