..day 36..

..day 36..

i find i have built a cocoon, a nice place to be
yesterday was interupted by reality a while

& failed early
busy i was

drawing the japanese with their found fabrics
watching the marks come good, no smudging
yet it came
without warning

you see there is not such a thing
not like in the war there were sirens

they still tested them down the end
of our road when i was a child & I
listened in wonder & was afraid


there were the stink poles outside
too and up the hill a big chimney
where they burned the waste

there are two of them as there often
reflecting each other yet
spot the difference

they say there may be spots too
i went once with those like in comic
red dots all over

he said it was an immune reaction &
i still get two on bad days

we talked about that yesterday
immunity responses & other

so james i wearied early with it all
talked about the goats up the crimea
slept well
know that
this is a another day