..day 35..

.day 35..

came like the others
early we walked up

over the golf, the hills
done first. to the top

where the swallow flew

she said it was all downhill
and so it was, we could have
walked for hours yet
we only get one you see

i stick to the rules
as i am a dick, do
as i am instructed

except the iron railings

have you heard of that
did you do it over there

we loosened the work
and i felt it came bad
then shh-apes on twitter
liked it very much not
knowing why really

and retweeted it as
some do, so i thanked

and will carry on

christopher brought the groceries
thought i lived in the church, that is
a laugh

so i spent time washing the oranges
with soap

and the other stuff
then scrubbed myself
clean and wondered


i remember the polio jab &
having tb tests, the jelly one
was ok, the other one hurt like

i never reacted so did not get
the scar that came from that

that messed with summer arms
that was like a branding

a full list
of chores
you know