..day 32..

..day 32..

started off cold yesterday james
yet i got warm after pounding up
the hill on the new walk
to discover the sky

for sky there was and bluebells

remember how i rubbed her back
with the perfume to help the pain

now he is 5 feet four inches already

i marked it on the wall in absentia
ensured the other labels, the other
years were secure
some with sticky
some with pins

of course

later we wondered about the new
colour for the gate
with all the stores closed
i decided on yellow
as that is the only colour
i have

oh unsuitable paint you
covered lovely with no
comments as all are at

as advised

later cut up the little pictures
to start the change in imagery

with the blue scissors
that are too modern
for the house so live
in the studio


leonard cohen plays
soft light
water heater on

it is a tiny tiny thing