..day 31..

.day 31.

later here as i chatted to a friend
who commented that i am up early

reminded him therefore he is early
too to respond

the stone walls are everywhere, old crumbling
some rebuilt recently
one down the lane
i watched him a while

found some old bits of stuff
in the debris, plates and metal bits
and kept them

he pointed at my broken wall, slumping
said he can fix it if it goes and
i thought that i shall probably be gone
by then too
and save the expense

so the walls line my walk all the way
and back, in the distance follow up
over the hills, the mountains

in the cwm are made of slate off cuts
differing colours pertaining to the

like old grey teeth edging the path,
the field fastened by wire

do you know them james
do you have them there

we have slate quarries up the road,
down the road, some not working
no more

yesterday the police were called
to gloddfa ganol, to people
misbehaving in the lockdown

i place markers on the wall
i wonder if folk notice james

it does not matter though
as i notice

he said to be careful that these things
we do never become a chore for

i realise now it is my issue
not theirs

there is a lad on a bike rides
these lanes most days
eats pancakes after

he says he can gain 5 pounds
in one day

really, oh really

monday ( holiday)
if i stay quiet i can hear a lot of things

imagine a lot of things