..day 29..

(april 2020)

..day 29..

i am surprised that you are surprised
i watched him on my neighbours tv
for we did not have one

we had the radio rented

we sat on the floor & i think i was
supposed to enjoy the experience

i hated it
we went on tuesdays & thursdays

i prefered to watch the one in the tv
shop window on my own even though
there was no sound

on my way with the can to buy parrafin
for the stove

on checking the spelling find that one
can buy it on ebay
these days

i did not mind that
though i hated the
launderette also

i remember the boys doing things i knew
was wrong
without a telling

she said that we are doing the lockdown with grace
those like us
i have seen that some make their own rules
like as children