..day 27..

..day 27..

the day came hot & for a while i lounged watched the wildlife
with longer sentences that have little interest nor meaning
just letters strung together in batches

the moon came large and as pink as predicted ,no cloud
nothing to stop me thinking the various scenerios knowing
that all thought or discussion in entirety change nothing

so wearying reached for my phone and managed to get my asda
shopping slot next week

i like to be independant
though i am not sure why

a habit come from necessity all those years

now comes the time of kindness, about time
so i too accept the help offered here and there

i explained the benefits to both parties
he agreed

so far the fire burns brightly , the ivy from the fence
and the iron shed i told you about
been at it a while and know that it will smoulder and
eventually consume it all

the garden incinerator

i may go back now and poke it with a stick