..day 26..

(april 2020)

.day 26..

nice when folks call and chat
though i understand the fear
on answering

my machine kicks in then
lets them talk to it so i can
take my time in
returning things

i phoned him yesterday
he still has little coal
& thinks the coal man
may just have closed
or decided to retire in
all this confusion, so
he may ask a councillor
for help and assitance

then walk up the back slope to the top
levels where he can see right over to
where i live and wave

we talked about his drawing, neat
and time consuming.

mine is gestural
more immediate

does not matter how we are so long
as it suits us and hurts nobody else

so we carry on day to day
with chores & that keeping busy

when the weather is good we garden
meanwhile dust gathers in the house

while we we dust, the weeds grow in
the garden

i like some weeds
i tell him the names of flowers
how some are poisonous like
monks hood

tintin and snowy were on tv last night
i was too tired to concentrate