..day 25..

.day 25.

i like the music, i like things subtle

not explained

to listen with no preconcieved


my mum used to have a bike to

ride up winton to shop it was

cheaper there

she said

i remember her bottle green coat

double breasted buttons

as was the fashion then

she balanced her bags from on handles

like you

i watched the film and remember

the boys doing some of that stuff

on the handlebars

one has a scar where he came off

the japanese knotweed man from

the next village was on the hill pushing

his bike

he told me that the shoots are edible

taste like rhubarb

i think i shall not bother

i watched him glide down the next



i will like a bike

people tell you where they live local

these days

look at those folk on holiday

in penmachno

the police were called

the geese went over early