..day 23..

..day 23..
the radio says it is palm sunday

i remember that story and i also
remember palm toffee
so vividly

now there is a word

i liked the banana split bar

@ 3d

my pocket money on wednesday
i guess that is when mum got her

national assistance

we use to hit it with mum’s hammer
to break it, then suck it soft. i still

have that hammer in the third drawer

it is a real panic if i cannot find it there

it is named
mummy’s hammer

of course

of course the numbers are now greater
each morning. they say they will lessen
at some point

she asked if i will sell my drawings after
i said that i do not know

i just does them
fixes them & puts
them in that box

i wonder if you can still buy that toffee

i will go google

sweet pinky morning in the valley