..day 17..

..isolation diary..

..day 17..

bright clear cold today
early before folks wake i
light the incinerator

to burn the leaves
garden debris

the wild cat watches
each time i clear a patch
he finds another heap
to nestle in

so i wonder whether to leave
a place for him, the darling

for that is his given name

on my walk i noted the numbers
one hundred up the hill to pentre

ten at the gate

the sheep was 28 with two
lambs marked the same
there is multiplication
for you

i stopped to watch as the vehicle came
a tractor

i have been walking the centre of the track
no vehicles a fortnight all on lockdown

the farmer fetching bales and nodding
as he passed

i nodded back

noted the blossom
noted the crystal stones

walked home

it is suggested that we are out walking for one

i should like to walk on
i turn for home james


still in my pjs with boots
my warm garden jacket