.day 14.

..day 14..

took the longer route again and walked the verge
to distance from the boy and the dog. we shouted
across the main road punctuated by the dust of
essential lorries
and some domestics
flouting the rules

we must walk directly from home
not take the car to exercise
in a prettier place

i cannot get much prettier than here


supplies were delivered and each thing held
high for me to see at the upsairs window


many to explain
some things i never had before

yoghurt corners, softest bread bought especially
and chocolates so divine that i shall smooth the
wrappers to keep as memory

long life is rare now a luxury

he should not have come
he said he would use
the word vulnerable for me
if stopped

he wanted to share the food as he had plenty

later i cleared more leaves and had a bonfire

those in the van camping have been visited
told by the police to go home, they reply the
is home

i offered supplies
at a distance

they needed none
we waved goodbye

i walked round the studio and garden before bed
to notice and reflect on what i had doneā€¦..